Montstar is a home to Versatile collection of variety of Products. Discovering new ideas has always been a passion for the Montstar. The exciting product designs offer a unique collection to meet the Dream Possesion of a proud buyer.

We have the rarest collection of Restaurant supply/ Kitchenware, Barware and Cookware products. The innovative colors in the Stainless Steel is the Uniqueness of our Table Top supplies and Storage Accessories with unique collection in Flower vase, Candle stands and Pet ware. The exclusive Barware collection and Wine accessories will be a pride possession for any Style Lover Home Dreamer.

Products Range


Mixing Bowl Regular
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      MRS-1504A 16 cm
      MRS-1504B 18 cm
      MRS-1504C 20 cm
      MRS-1504D 22 cm
      MRS-1504E 24 cm
      MRS-1504F 26 cm
      MRS-1504G 28 cm
      MRS-1504H 30 cm
      MRS-1504I 32 cm
      MRS-1504J 34 cm
      MRS-1504K 36 cm
      MRS-1504L 38 cm
      MRS-1504M 40 cm
Mixing Bowl Regular Colored
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      MRS-1504PA 16 cm
      MRS-1504PB 18 cm
      MRS-1504PC 20 cm
      MRS-1504PD 22 cm
      MRS-1504PE 24 cm
      MRS-1504PF 26 cm
      MRS-1504PG 28 cm
      MRS-1504PH 30 cm
      MRS-1504PI 32 cm
      MRS-1504PJ 34 cm
      MRS-1504PK 36 cm
      MRS-1504PL 38 cm
      MRS-1504PM 40 cm
Mixing Bowl Regular Deep
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      MRS-1505A 14 cm
      MRS-1505B 16 cm
      MRS-1505C 18 cm
      MRS-1505D 20 cm
      MRS-1505E 22 cm
      MRS-1505F 24 cm
      MRS-1505G 26 cm
      MRS-1505H 28 cm
      MRS-1505I 30 cm
      MRS-1505J 32 cm
      MRS-1505K 34 cm
      MRS-1505L 36 cm
      MRS-1505M 38 cm
      MRS-1505N 40 cm
Mixing Bowl Deep Colored
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      MRS-1505PA 14 cm
      MRS-1505PB 16 cm
      MRS-1505PC 18 cm
      MRS-1505PD 20 cm
      MRS-1505PE 22 cm
      MRS-1505PF 24 cm
      MRS-1505PG 26 cm
      MRS-1505PH 28 cm
      MRS-1505PI 30 cm
      MRS-1505PJ 32 cm
      MRS-1505PK 34 cm
      MRS-1505PL 36 cm
      MRS-1505PM 38 cm
      MRS-1505PN 40 cm